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We Are Death

by Douglas Lindsay - 09:11 on 16 June 2016

Scenes of unbridled joy have been reported from around the planet in the last twenty-four hours, with news of the digital release of the second book in Douglas Lindsay’s DCI Jericho Trilogy*, WE ARE DEATH. As crowds gathered in streets across the globe, politicians, musicians, actors and previously unknown celebrities queued up to praise the latest instalment in what critics are calling ‘the most sensational crime/thriller/suspense/comedy/revenge series of all time.’

Such was the interest in the book in the UK, almost all the major newspapers lead with the story.

New Triumph For Blasted Heath As World Celebrates, The Times

Stocks Boom In Wake Of Jericho Book Launch Phenom, Financial Times

Giant Rats Found Reading We Are Death, Daily Star

Nobel Prize To Be Multiplied By The Booker And Awarded To Lindsay, The Guardian

179 Million Migrants Flock To UK To Read We Are Death, The Mail

Sales Of New Lindsay Title Top 8 Billion In Brexit Bonanza, The Telegraph

As We Are Death Details Shocking Brit Murder At Hands Of Kraut, The Express Asks, Are Migrants Swarming To UK To Claim £750m Diet Pill On NHS That Cures Alzheimer’s? The Daily Express

850 New Crime Books Released On Kindle In Single Day, All Kind Of Merge Into One, The Bookseller

We Are Death, which has been described as ‘a Dan Brown novel with words’ has drawn praise from across the entertainment and political spectrum. Presumptive US Republican Party Presidential nominee, Donald Trump, said, ‘I love reading. I read so much. I read the best books, with great words. No one reads more than me, believe me. I haven’t read We Are Death, but mark my words, it’s one of the best books I’ve never heard of.’

Professor Malcolm Connery, Head of Faculty at the University of Glasgow’s Crime Fiction Department, is unsurprised by the reaction to the release of the new Jericho blockbuster. ‘We live in dark times. Seriously. The world is just so full of shit. Look at it, look at the news,’ he told me, as he openly wept into his morning coffee. ‘People just want a bit of escapism, and that’s what We Are Death provides. I do genuinely think that it could go down in history as one of the great suspense novels. Sadly, however, the world will soon be obliterated by war, and history will end. So there’s that.’

We Are Death. Click on the image to share in the magic.

* May not contain three books

Comment from Steve Rust at 19:59 on 11 April 2017.
Loved the first Jericho book and wanted to get stuck into the second but it doesn't seem to be available. Has it been withdrawn?
Comment from Douglas at 08:30 on 12 April 2017.
With Blasted Heath folding, all their titles have been withdrawn. However, the likelihood is that they will all be picked up by Freight Books, and so will be back, available online, in the next couple of months. Indeed, if they're not picked up by Freight, they should be back in the next couple of months anyway, by one means or another.

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