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by Elvis Shackleton - 10:11 on 03 October 2011

Some rare recordings of legendary Warsaw rock/folk/alternative indie band THE MABEL RANKIN BEAT QUARTET have now been made available online.

Arguments rage to this day whether the one-time recording session undertaken by Warsaw's premier boy band was an epoch-defining sylvan moment of rock genius or "just something they did that day". Whatever the reason for the serendipitous trip into a small Polish recording studio, what can be vouchsafed is that some four years after the event a few rogue tracks have emerged and have been placed on iTunes, leading with the single SONG TO THE DEPARTED.

Click on the image below and dip into a little piece of Eastern European magic. Relive the dream and transport yourself to a place where fairies massage your brain with lotion made from the distilled essence of the gods. All for 79p a song.


Comment from Snudger Trubeshaw at 20:25 on 05 October 2011.
Really ? ...a tea cosy....
Comment from Mabel Rankin at 22:14 on 05 October 2011.
It's the Michael Stipe look. You know, he wore a tea cosy at some stage.

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