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When There's No More Room In Hell, BLASTED HEATH Will Walk The Earth

by Douglas Lindsay - 10:47 on 11 October 2011

1 minute past 11 on the morning of 1st November 2011, will see the birth of BLASTED HEATH, a new digital publishing venture that promises to re-invent the book business, cut through the sludge of economic depression, change the face of publishing for all time, make empires topple, destroy western civilisation, eat your children and more than likely, eat your children's children for good measure.

The men behind the venture are Al Guthrie and Kyle MacRae, two chaps who seem quite happy to destroy society and bring down governments with their fancy new publishing ideas. For reasons best known to themselves they thought it might be a good idea if they picked up the Barney Thomson series, and so the world's premier barbershop death junky series will be digitally reborn and given a staggering new lease of life.


These men will eat your liver with some fava beans and a nice chianti


Blasted Heath will launch with the following titles:

DEAD MONEY by Ray Banks

ALL THE YOUNG WARRIORS by Anthony Neil Smith

PHASE FOUR by Gary Carson



quickly followed by:

WEE ROCKETS by Gerard Brennan and


In addition they will also lead with the Barney Thomson novella THE END OF DAYS which will be available free by signing up to the Blasted Heath newsletter, then over the course of the coming months, the rest of the Barney Thomson series will be published one book at a time, culminating in the brand new Book 8, THE CURSE OF BARNEY THOMSON.

Nevertheless, some publishing insiders, such as noted editor, publisher and philanthropist Sir Nigel Winterbum, are unimpressed. 'Who the fuck do these people think they are?' Sir Nigel said over the phone this morning, speaking to me from his yacht off the sun-drenched coast of Anstruther. 'Publishing has been run to the perfect business model for almost seven thousand years, and now these fuckers come in and think they can upset the apple cart with their digital shenanigans and puerile social media nonsense.'

Barney Thomson is 53.

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