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This Blasted Life #5

by Douglas Lindsay - 12:34 on 08 December 2011

The fifth exciting instalment of This Blasted life is now available. Entitled The Slartibartfast Paradigm, it features a panel of experts discussing the very nature of creation. And, obviously, when I say a panel of experts I mean me and a bloke that I made up.

Sometimes you’re watching a nature show on TV, and you suddenly find yourself thinking, ‘What kind of fucked up shit is that? No way did that develop naturally, not even over eight hundred million years. And if it’s not evolution, that just leaves God…’ Then you think, ‘Nah… There must be something else. Must be.’

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Comment from Snudger Trubshaw at 00:24 on 10 December 2011.
Interesting about the elephant yam.

Some things just make you go " jings" and also "crivens" don't they ?. Always a bit suspicious about the forest floor dwelling ants that go merrily about their ant business until the are exposed to a strange fungus. They then spontaneously start climbing trees zombie like ,find a nice spot to bite down on,and die slowly to provide the fungus with a food source and a place to reproduce. Definitely a intelligence at work here.

I suspect it may be lumber companies trying to deal with the tree huggers unfortunately.

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