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My Own Private Upstate New York

by Douglas Lindsay - 14:01 on 25 April 2012

This Blasted Life is back. The previous entry implied that it was being cut by the Coalition government. You might be wondering if there's been a U-turn, forced on the Conservatives by a revolt of Liberal Democrat MPs. Well, yep, that was it.

This week, my trip to upstate New York in 1988.

A jogger came by. Given the long-way-from-home-and-nowhere-to-stay desperation of my situation, I forced myself to speak to her. She looked astonished that I was wandering the back streets of Plattsburgh on a Saturday evening, and gave me a lecture. ‘This isn’t Europe, you know,’ she said, ‘it’s not safe.’ Given that Europe has seen its fair share of brutality, murder, genocide, rape, death and war over the years, this seemed a quaintly innocent American view of the old continent.

Click on the wonderful old Patriots symbol to read the whole thing.

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