A Plague Of Crows Unleashed

Added on 27 October 2013

To worldwide celebration, Douglas Lindsay's all-new crime thriller A PLAGUE OF CROWS, is now available. It's time to emerge from cryogenic stasis, and step into the magical (if bloody miserable) world of DS Thomas Hutton.

The Plague Of Crows plants his victims in a forest clearing, bound to chairs embedded in the ground. The lucky ones die quickly in a Grand Guignol of horror, the tops of their skulls missing, birds feeding on the flesh inside.?

DS Hutton lives on the side of a Scottish mountain, only coming down for weekly psychiatric sessions in town. But this new serial killer forces Hutton to end his sick leave and return to duty in Glasgow.? ?As the months pass and the police remain clueless in the face of the horrors perpetrated by the most inhuman serial killer of his time, Hutton finds himself haunted by his past and plummeting further and further into a desperate world of sex, alcohol and guilt. And while he has no idea where to look for the Plague of Crows, the killer knows exactly where to find him…

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