A Warm Friday in October

Added on 08 October 2010

One re-reads one's old books with some trepidation. Usually, in fact, I doubt the average author ever re-reads his old books, for why would they? However, what with the multi-million dollar Great Amazon Kindle Project that's being undertaken here at Long Midnight Publishing HQ in central Paris, as previously detailed, I'm now working my way through number six in the Barney Thomson series.


I've started every book with a dread fear that it's going to be complete and utter rubbish, and a realisation that I should never have taken it out of the drawer into which I placed it to mature for a few months prior to publication. However, The Haunting of Barney Thomson, as with all the others, has so far not let me down. It pretty much does what I intended it to do at the time. I like the line "...the slowly changing artwork of small town life..." Very evocative.

It ought to be ready to become part of "the most imaginative crime series on Kindle yet" by early next week. It will give me something to put on Twitter.

On the subject of which, maybe Twitter porn is the way forward. There must be a pretty big market for that.

She gasped as he rammed his massive erection into her from behind. Looking back surprised, she said, “You’re not my husband!? Oh well…”

I probably won't put that on Twitter. Twitter Philosophy perhaps. Not such a big market, but more professionally satisfying:

Husbands are like actors: the wrong one is disastrous, but it’s not to say there aren’t hundreds of men who’d do an adequate job in the part

Maybe I'll put that on Twitter.

Good to see Scotland going for their usual all-out 1-1-8 attacking formation in Prague tonight. Leaving themselves exposed at the back, yet confident they can score more goals than the opposition. I think we can all expect a score line in the region of 9-6 to Scotland.