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Added on 05 February 2016

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Someone presented that in a meeting, and other people sitting around the table said, 'fuck, yeah, that's awesome', and then they talked for another three or four hours and decided to leave off the full stop at the end. Now it's a thing.

So, that happened.

I’ll be making an appearance at Glasgow Book Festival Aye Write! on 12th March, in the company of fellow authors Mason Cross and Mark Leggatt, in an event entitled Crime Beyond These Shores, where “Three Scottish crime writers discuss their internationally set thrillers.”

Wait, what? you’re thinking. Does Lindsay actually ever set novels beyond these shores?

Well, I make this event because of my upcoming crime thriller SONG OF THE DEAD, which will be out later in March. The book’s publisher, Freight, got me onto this particular panel. Even so, it feels slightly naughty, in that about a third of the novel is set in Estonia, before my detective hero comes back to Scotland again, and doesn’t leave.

The book I’ve got coming out in the summer from Blasted Heath – WE ARE DEATH – is set in Somerset, Paris, the High Atlas, Grindelwald and Oslo, so that fits the bill I guess, but Freight probably don’t want me talking about that.

You have to pay £9 to get into this event, so I’m not sure what we authors will be expected to do to make that worthwhile. Perhaps there will be juggling. Come along to find out. The details are here.

12th March 2016, Mitchell Library, Aye Write!, me, Mark Leggatt and Mason Cross.

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