Author In Bookshop Event

Added on 20 April 2017

There’s an English language event in a bookshop in Tallinn this weekend to mark Shakespeare’s birthday. A panel discussion, hosted by a stand-up comic, and featuring various experts in the field of literature, the conversation will be wide-ranging, encompassing the scope of English-language literature, and how it has become so far-reaching and has had such a huge impact around the world.

I’m one of the experts.


I did say that I know little about Shakespeare, that I don’t read the classics, that I rarely read contemporary British literature, and that I’m so far from being an expert on this subject that we might as well be discussing nuclear fission. Having been fully apprised of my general level of ignorance, they still felt it appropriate to have me in attendance.

Here’s the link on Facebook. Apparently the event will be streamed on Facebook Live. The horror! It stars at 13:00 Estonian time, on Sunday 23rd April. That’s 11:00 BST, 06:00 on the US east coast, and 16:00 in Bishkek. I realise me writing this will boost the viewing figures by several million.