Added on 21 July 2020

In Long Midnight Publishing news, there’s now a dedicated Barney Thomson Instagram page. The page will be publisher-driven, focussing principally on the Barney universe, but also featuring excerpts, quotes and reviews from Douglas Lindsay’s other books and series. Since Lindsay himself is currently seeing out lockdown living alone in a secluded cave in the Üschin Kvartyet region of Mongolia with no WiFi, electricity or chocolate, the account will not feature photographs of his lunch, walks in the forest, or rejected Harper’s Bazaar photoshoots from the mid-eighties.


Commenting on the groundbreaking announcement, Professor Malcolm Connery, of the Glasgow Institute of Special Things, said, ‘This is probably the biggest day in publishing in a long time.  There’s been so much written about why there’s never been a dedicated Barney Instagram page. Sure, we’ve seen him on SnapBook and FaceTube, but Instagram is where it’s at. Now we see the growth, now we see the magic happen. We're likely only about six months away from a long-running Netflix series starring Charlize Theron as Barney.'

Publishing experts predict that by the end of 2020, or by the end of civilisation, whichever comes sooner, almost 73% of all books sold in the world will be part of the Barney Thomson series.

Go to Instagram and look for TheBarneyThomsonUniverse for all your black comedy, crime fiction needs.