Bob Dylan #45

Added on 19 September 2008
I think it's fair to say that Bob Dylan is like Marmite. (I mean that you either love him or hate him, rather than that he's gooey brown slime that tastes strongly of faeces.)

Despite the similarity, there are many differences, and here's the most crucial. If the person across the table from you is eating Marmite, you just have to sit and watch them eat Marmite. You don't have to taste it, you can't smell it, all have to do is look at them like they're weird.

On the other hand, if while the weirdo across the table is eating Marmite, you happen to be listening to Bob on the cd player without headphones on, they also have to listen to Bob. They have no choice.

That's why it's better to like Bob Dylan than Marmite.

I've added a Dylan Song of the Week page to the site. I acknowledge that this is entirely gratuitous Dylanism. In all likelihood I will update the Song of the Week much more regularly than once a week, but I thought Song of the Day might be pushing it a bit and Song of Every Three or Four Days seems clumsy. As did Song of this 72 Hour Period or Song of the Half-Week or Song Of An Indeterminate Period Which Is Likely To Be In The Region Of Every So Often But Not Quite As Much As Really Regularly.

I've started with You Ain't Goin' Nowhere because, I reckon, even people who like Marmite like this song.