Book Cover Maestro JT Lindroos Lends His Genius To Juarez

Added on 01 October 2013

Publishing insiders have long queried why it is that Douglas Lindsay's government conspiracy thriller LOST IN JUAREZ has never taken off and become a worldwide, bestselling smash, selling trillions of copies, while being made into a movie starring Ewan McGregor and Michael Caine.

Many believed that when Amazon Kindle came along and revolutionised the process of book buying and reading, that this would be the chance for Juarez to finally take off. So far, however, it hasn't happened, and at a recent conference in Glasgow attended by editors, marketing gurus, government ministers and scientists, delegates put forward a series of suggestions as to why Juarez has so far failed to make any inroads into the crazy world of the bestseller.

The communique released at the end of the conference suggested five reasons, listed below, why Juarez hadn't made the breakthrough.

  • Everyone thinks it's rubbish
  • No one has ever heard of Douglas Lindsay
  • Anyone who has heard of him, and has read a Barney Thomson or Thomas Hutton book, thinks they're rubbish 'n' all
  • The title makes it sound like a travel book, or a serious non-fiction title on the lost women of Juarez
  • The cover fails to deliver any further clarity on the book's subject matter

The executives here at Long Midnight Publishing have taken these findings very seriously, and after a series of excruciatingly long meetings, have come to the following conclusions.

Firstly, there's not too much to be done about the first three items. The book is as the book does, and the author currently known as Douglas Lindsay - believed living in a cave overlooking the Heilongjiang River in northern China - likes it that way.

Some consideration was given to ditching the title and giving the book a more generic, thriller-esque name. However, negotiations eventually broke down on this subject over whether to choose LETHAL DEATH or SHADOW CONSPIRACY.

In the end we changed the cover. Here it is, designed by cover uber-maestro, JT Lindroos. It's epic.