Book Sales. And Other Stuff.

Added on 30 July 2010

July's book sales figures are in. They're double the amount of June's sales, but June's sales were pish. So does that just make this month's sales twice as pish? Or half as pish? Whatever it is, there's no escaping the fact that double not-very-much, is still not-very-much.

The school holidays are intruding on the Long Midnight Publishing drive to World Ebook domination, but one day soon all will be well, and the disaffected digital book buyer will be able to get the entire Barney Thomson series in his hands.

This week I went on a BBC drama writer's workshop. They want to encourage writers who have never written for TV before to produce exciting new ideas. However, they pretty much tell you that the only way you're going to get started at the BBC is by writing for Doctors, Casualty and River City. That's not really terribly encouraging. I came home and watched Doctors for the first time. As it was on at 1:45 in the afternoon the family all huddled together in front of the television. The story was about a serial rapist/murderer/rather-unpleasant-chap. Perfect family viewing. The kids are still rocking back and forth in the corner murmuring strange incantations about never leaving the house again.