Buchan 5 Digital Edition Now Available

Buchan 5 Digital Edition Now Available

Added at 14:00 on 11 December 2023

One week after the release of the paperback edition of Book 5 in the DI Buchan series, WE WERE NOT INNOCENT, which has critics everywhere basking in the glory of its “use of words to describe things that happen,” Long Midnight Publishing today announced the publication of the novel’s digital edition.

As we speak, millions of electronic copies of the book are being distributed to online book stores named Amazon all over the world, with publishing insiders aghast at the staggering impact the novel is having on the global economy. ‘There are people without iPads, reading this book on their iPad,’ said one. ‘It’s out of control.’ Another commented, ‘Imagine there was an actual Harry Potter 8, and it was written by St Paul and it was called Harry Potter and The Really New Testament, that’s what it’s like out there. Absolute bedlam.’

Professor Malcolm Connery of the Glasgow Institute of Special Things is in no doubt about the impact the novel will have across the cultural landscape of the Earth. ‘This isn’t just huge,’ said Connery, as he spoke to the world’s media from his office on the 94th floor of the iconic One World Deep-Fried-Burger-In-A-Bun Centre in the heart of Glasgow’s renowned Latin quarter, ‘it’s huge times a hundred and seventy-nine. People have been waiting for this novel since the publication of A Long Day’s Journey Into Death in July, and speaking as someone who hasn’t read it, they’re not going to be disappointed.’

WE ARE NOT INNOCENT, e-book out now. Click here to share in the magic.

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