Can't Get The Blues #4

Added on 20 September 2012

I wrote CAN'T GET THE BLUES sometime around 91' or 92'. Despite the rather upbeat lyric, I've proved a prolific getter of blues in the last twenty years. Nevertheless, I still like the song.

The second middle 8 which mentions Blind Willie McTell was added more recently.

This version was recorded on Garage Band sitting in front of the Mac, using the inbuilt microphone. Obviously these days I work out of the £3.67million studio barn-conversion at the bottom of the garden, but I've never quite been able to recapture the magic of a cold January morning in Warsaw when I recorded this.

(The fact that I've chosen to spend some time today putting this up here, as well as designing a groovy cover as if it might have been/about to be released as a single, is purely work avoidance.)