Added on 14 September 2013

Nearly time for the new DS Thomas Hutton crime novel A PLAGUE OF CROWS. It's likely to be in the next month or two, but there's no actual date yet. That's digital publishing for you. All very seat of the pants. Regardless of the lack of a date, publication is imminent, so it's all right to get excited about it, to lay down everything else you're reading, and stay in bed with your ebook reader of choice, waiting for the new Hutton to arrive. Actual statistics show that this is already being done by tens of thousands of people.

In the meantime there were three other ebooks released over the summer. (I mean, by me. Presumably, in the whole wide panoply of publishing, there were a lot more than three ebooks released in the last few months. At least, you'd think.)

These were, for the most part, as the New York Times's literature critic described them:

"scraped up leftovers and thrown together scribblings

from Lindsay's bottomless pit of aimless crap."


The Barney Thomson zombie story which began life as the daily download novel entitled Government of the Living Dead. At the time, I didn't really enjoy it, something which I presumed shone through. I got bored, and more than likely the readers - if there were any - also got bored. So I brought it to a fairly swift conclusion. Reading through it again a while ago, I decided that actually it might be salvageable. So, I worked on it, removed some of the more time-specific references that placed the book precisely two years ago - there was still a News Of The World for example - and topped and tailed it with scenes taken from the abandoned Curse Of Barney Thomson. Pretty happy with the result. It's published by Blasted Heath, so it's been edited and stuff, which is always a bonus.


The first of three collections from the blog archive. This one is predominantly made up of those ranty, shouty pieces where I complain about the ills of modern life, like marketing and lack of moral standards and bad language. Fucking stuff like that.


There's some crossover with the previous volume, but this one has a more mild-mannered, autobiographical tone. This is more Clark Kent, although that would imply that the previous one is Superman, which might be suggesting that it has way more hubris, energy, power and train-stopping ability than it actually does have.

The third volume will be entitled KIDS, AND WHY YOU SHOULDN'T EAT MORE THAN ONE FOR BREAKFAST, and will be made up of all those blogs I used to write about having small children. I don't write about having children anymore; now that they're teenagers they no longer do anything funny. This book won't happen in the next couple of weeks or anything, but hopefully before Christmas.