Digital Update

Added on 06 August 2010

Amazon UK has this week launched their Kindle store, for the sale of ebooks. At some point in the very near future, the entire Barney Thomson slate will be available digitally. For the moment, the Long Midnight Publishing titles which are available are the first title in the series - The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson - and the stand-alone, non-Barney Thomson thriller, Lost in Juarez.

Barney Thomson fans - if that's a plural one can use in this context - might be interested to note that the digital version of The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson is currently available with the groovy and sinister Bloody Freezer image, but when the rest of the books are added to the series, it will revert to the regular cover.

LMP publicity supremo Elvis Shackleton is excited by this latest development. "The rain is falling, and civilisation is on the very verge of collapse, with global economic and societal meltdown seemingly inevitable," he said from his penthouse office in the heart of London, "but at least now British digital book fans can get a slice of the acerbic genius of Douglas Lindsay."

Publishing industry insiders predict that by the end of this month, eight out of every ten digital books purchased in the UK will be from the Barney Thomson series.


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