Dixie Klondyke Arrives on Kindle

Added on 08 November 2010

The exciting news from Long Midnight Publishing (LMP) Head Office here in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is that 21 Years On The Back of Dixie Klondyke's Spanish Guitar is now available for download from Amazon Kindle. Although the print version of the title will not be available for purchase until the beginning of December, the ebook branch of LMP have gone rogue and published digitally several weeks in advance.

LMP Head of Marketing And Ebook Strategies, Elvis 'Tom' Shackleton, is bullish about this unusual publishing move. "There's no doubt where publishing is heading," he said earlier today from his fourteenth floor office. "If you look at the Bookseller this morning, there's a study finding that 25% of the book market will be digital by 2015. For sure, that's a large share, but from here it's hard to imagine that the figure won't be closer to 75%. Say it how you will, but the ebook is coming. The future of publishing is all about three things: ebooks, ebooks and ebooks. The time of print books is over, the age of digital has arrived; and some publishers will behold the pale horse that is the ebook, and it will be named Death, and Hell will follow. Here at LMP, however, we have a firm grasp of reality."

Click on the cover image below to go directly to Amazon's UK site to download the book. While you're there, why not buy one for your friends? And don't forget your friends' friends' friends' friends' friends' friends.

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