Getting Away With Murder

Added on 08 October 2009

Splendid mention for The Final Cut from Mike Ripley in this month's Getting Away With Murder column in the on-line Shots magazine. He uses the line:

Sadly, this could well be the last in Douglas’ hysterical experiment in the extended barbershop death junky novel and the end of Barney Thomson...

This may be the final incarnation of Barney Thomson, but I don't think I'll be able to rest as a writer until the phrase barbershop death junky novel is in common usage, and it is an accepted genre of fiction.

Of course, if Barney Thomson stayed on the periphery of the known literary world, while some upstart came in and started writing a new series of barbershop death junky novels, got picked up by Harper and published to worldwide renown and fame, that would be rubbish.

Still, if in years to come there's not an awards ceremony goes by without the category, Best Barbershop Death Junky Novel or Best First Barbershop Death Junky Novel or Best Barbershop Death Junky Movie Adaptation Not In The English Language, that will at least be some small measure of success...