Government of the Living Dead

Added on 08 July 2011


The world of men will fall, and all will come to darkness... And stuff.

The media is bubbling into a narcissistic frenzy of self-flagellation, the festering, maggot-ridden underbelly of the British tabloid press is being split open and spilled on the floors of the nation's newsrooms, and the sleaze-ridden connections between the Prime Minister and the mysterious and evil multinational media conglomerate are being laid bare. The government, already burdened by the uneasy nature of the coalition, has suddenly been plunged into crisis. As the PM's position becomes more and more untenable and he stands on the precipice of ignominy, calumny and resignation, only one thing can save him.

A decent haircut.

Starting on Monday 11th July, and continuing for all time - or at least for a week or two - the all-new, daily novel, GOVERNMENT OF THE LIVING DEAD, featuring the world's greatest barbershop superhero, Barney Thomson.

GOVERNMENT OF THE LIVING DEAD. The future is bleak. The future is zombified.