Here Comes THE CURSE OF BARNEY THOMSON & Other Stories

Added on 29 January 2014

Long Midnight Publishing, in association with The United Nations Barbershop Council, today announced the much-anticipated publication of the new Barney Thomson short story collection, THE CURSE OF BARNEY THOMSON & Other Stories. From Kabul to San Francisco, from Hammerfest to Cape Town, there were scenes of great jubilation in the streets. A man in Berlin was photographed crying tears of delirium at the news, and was quickly taken away by the mental health authorities, while riots broke out in many Asian and European cities as desperate readers fought to be first to get to the nearest online book store.

While publishing insiders and fans of the barbershop death junky series are quick to acknowledge that this is but a short volume, containing only five stories and a few rogue barbershop scenes, this hasn't stopped wild excitement spreading like a flesh-eating virus around the entire planet.

'It may be short,' said Professor Malcolm Connery this morning, when he spoke to me from his 71st floor penthouse apartment overlooking Glasgow's majestic Clydeside Opera House, 'but people will grasp at anything in these difficult times. This is like a new Beatles song, or finding out that Ernest Hemingway isn't dead and has written The Old Man And The Sea II.'

The story garnering the greatest interest in the collection, the Sherlockian The Adventure of the Marble Tibetan Head, was written in January 2014, and is therefore the most up to date Barney adventure yet.

'It almost doesn't matter if it's any good, although believe me, it's bang on,' said Connery. 'It's the fact that it exists. Lindsay is still writing Barney, that's all that matters. It's like finding microscopic life on another planet. Are we going to dismiss it as being pretty crappy life? Will we say, 'Call that life? Show me the mind-controlling monster that wants to destroy earth and I might be impressed.' No, when it comes to life on another planet, it's its very existence that is exciting. And so it is too with Barney Thomson, and what we have here is so much more than microscopic life.'

THE CURSE OF BARNEY THOMSON & Other Stories is available to order on Amazon Kindle, in original black and white, with full colour cover. Click on the image.