In the city of Hull...

Added on 26 January 2009

Two of Two, as wise and grubby an eight year-old wee boy as there is, started writing a story at the weekend, Chapter 2 of which began:

It was September the 3rd and it was raining very heavily on Twist Street. Marcus lived on Twist. He lived in number 99 with his two brothers. They were plotting to kill a millionaire Joseph Kim and his wife.

Nice opening. Not only planning to kill the rich guy, but also the wife, because why should she get any of the money? TPCKAM started looking at me with that wonder where he gets it from look. But I've never written a story about anyone plotting to kill a millionaire, so they must be teaching him this stuff at school. In todays' lesson we are going to discuss how millionaires deserve to die. Write a story where someone plots to kill one of them.

I'm waiting to see how it develops and if the story goes well, I may have to beat him up, steal it and use it myself.

Chapter 1 of the story begins with the great line In the city of Hull... The subsidiary benefits to a city of their team getting into the Premier League.

Back to this year's marquee crime comedy thriller, The Final Cut, the seventh title in the Barney series that critics are already calling "a book". The cover designer has been set on her task, work is continuing, when I have the time, on getting the other five books into order, the great Barney Thomson relaunch is on track for September 2009.

And maybe, if it all goes well, there will be a Barney Thomson 8, where a succession of millionaires get brutally murdered by a teenage criminal called Marcus...