Jacob's Snake

Added on 09 July 2010

Those people

The ones who flew the flags from their cars

What are they doing now

That the tournament grinds to a halt

The interest of the world flagging

The World Cup books in WH Smith

Now sell for 99p

They were always shit

You see

And are still selling for 98p

More than they're worth

The Walkers bags of crisps

Already seem stale

Perhaps they will ship them to Spain

For a last-minute desperate sale

The kits with stickers and flags and mouse mats and mugs

Beer mats and pencils and condoms and jugs

Adorned with St George and his over-eager flag

Are now consigned to the bin and the bottom of bags

Only the hosts and the finalists care anymore

Everyone else has moved on to what's next in store

The next Nike advert, the next superstar

Hunched over an England beer mat at the back of a bar