Lindsay Announced For Byres Road Book Festival: World Celebrates

Added on 12 September 2016

In what fans are beginning to consider something close to a World Tour, Z-List celebrity author, Douglas Lindsay, has announced that he will make his third public appearance in Scotland in under a year. Following sell-out, stadium venue-sized gigs at Book Week Scotland and Aye Write!, Lindsay will be appearing at the inaugural Byres Road Book Festival, on 24th September.

People close to Lindsay are describing his re-emergence into public life, after almost twelve years living in a Buddhist monastery in Mongolia, as extraordinary. Labelling his upcoming one-hour event at Hillhead Library as “possibly the most exceptional public event in recorded civilisation,” one close friend said, ‘Seriously, I’ve known that guy for like fifteen years and I haven’t heard him speak for an hour in total. Literally no one has any idea what he’s going to say.’

It’s not entirely clear at this stage whether Lindsay spoke during either of his previous public appearances.

The world was not slow to take notice of the announcement of Lindsay’s forthcoming appearance. This morning the FTSE opened up 17%, buoyed by the promise of better than expected publishing industry results, Happiness Index Experts reported that Scotland was now slightly less miserable than Poland, and #HillaryHealth was replaced as the number one trending topic on Twitter by #PrayForGlasgow.

In a statement issued from the office of Nicola Sturgeon, the First Minister noted:

‘These are the golden days of Scottish crime writing. With the likes of Ian Rankin, Denise Mina and Christopher Brookmyre, we are in a time of plenty. And on top of that, we have people like [fill in writer’s name here].’

Follow the link to share in the magic:

Douglas Lindsay

Hillhead Library

3pm Saturday 24th September 2016