LMP: The Year So Far

LMP: The Year So Far

Added at 15:10 on 04 August 2023

Its been the busiest year on record for Long Midnight Publishing, with five new titles, the re-release of the two Pereira & Bain books, and the updating of short story collection, Cold SeptemberWith the forthcoming addition of the DS Hutton Novel, I Am Multitudesthe LMP 2023 slate is being viewed with awe by the wider industry, with Professor Malcolm Connery of the Glasgow Institute of Special Things describing it as “the most extraordinary series of titles to come from one small independent company in the history of publishing.” Dr Ian Shackleton of the Antarctic Library of Exploration, Arts and Defenestration added, “such a broad account of the lives of men such as this, has never before been known in all of human civilisation.” Other publishing commentators have variously described the LMP output this year as “some books,” and “a thing that is happening,” and “a nothingburger, but not awful.”

Heres the year so far:

DI Buchan 2 PAINTED IN BLOOD - Buchan and the team hunt a killer somewhat preposterously posing corpses as artwork replications.

(Re-release) Pereira & Bain 1 - COLD CUTS - Human flesh revenge drama. A "how do you think of this stuff" book if ever there was.

(Re-release) Pereira & Bain 2 - THE JUDAS FLOWER - A body is dumped up the graveyard.

DI Buchan 3 - THE LONELY AND THE DEAD - A TV crime drama turns deadly.

DS Hutton 10 - A WINTER NIGHT – DS Hutton finds romance on a magical, wintry Scottish island. With added decapitation and other murders.

ALICE ON THE SHORE - A movie production runs into a variety of unexpected problems on the north-east coast. No one dies.

(Redux) COLD SEPTEMBER - Short story collection, updated with a tale of two crows in an attic.

DI Buchan 4 - A LONG DAY'S JOURNEY INTO DEATH - The hunt is on for a missing book, while Glasgow falls into a hellscape of gangland murder and revenge.

DS Hutton 11 - I AM MULTITUDES (Sep 2023) - The epic conclusion to the series. There will be blood.

Here’s the Top 20 LMP Box Office for the year so far. As one can see, all the new titles at the top, except Alice On The Shore. This makes everyone here at LMP sad. But that’s where we are. Folks would rather read about gruesome murder than whatever Alice On The Shore is about*.

*A love story about making movies.

  1. Buchan (DI Buchan 1)
  2. Painted In Blood (DI Buchan 2)
  3. The Lonely And The Dead (DI Buchan 3)
  4. A Winter Night (DS Hutton 10)
  5. A Long Day’s Journey Into Death (DI Buchan 4)
  6. The Deer’s Cry (DS Hutton 9)
  7. DS Hutton Books 5~8 Box Set
  8. DS Hutton Books 1~4 Box Set
  9. Blood In My Eyes (DS Hutton 8)
  10. Let Me Die In My Footsteps (DS Hutton 7)
  11. The Unburied Dead (DS Hutton 1)
  12. The Judas Flower (Pereira & Bain 2)
  13. Implements of the Model Maker (DS Hutton 6)
  14. A Plague Of Crows (DS Hutton 2)
  15. In My Time of Dying (DS Hutton 5)
  16. See That My Grave Is Kept Clean (DS Hutton 4)
  17. The Blood That Stains Your Hands (DS Hutton 3)
  18. The Barbershop 7 (Barney Thomson Books 1~7 Boxset)
  19. Cold Cuts (Pereira & Bain 1)
  20. Alice On The Shore
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