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Added on 24 September 2015

Some updated info on The Legend of Barney Thomson. No news yet on overseas release dates, though. Presumably there are some pencilled in for somewhere, but if I can just quote Hot Fuzz – as anyone who’s ever lived in Wells is more or less obligated to do on a daily basis – nobody tells me nuthin’.

[The most oft-quoted Hot Fuzz line in our house is a variation on ‘You ain’t seen Bad Boys II?’ and is applied to any film that someone hasn’t seen, regardless of how obscure. e.g. ‘You ain’t seen Kumiko, The Treasure Hunter?’]

I expect there are other places from which to order it too.

  • The movie got an unexpected release on Showcase cinemas around England in the last week. So, having fallen off the radar of weekly releases - it had been down to showing in just 5 independent cinemas – last week it played at 24 venues, takings increasing %1620. Weekend gross for 18-20 September was £34,643, bringing overall earnings for nine weeks of release to £711,775.
  • While not exactly an overseas release date, The Legend of Barney Thomson will be showing at Sitges Film Festival, near Barcelona, next month. Details here:

That's it on the movie news.