New Covers & New Dylan

Added on 13 March 2009

Here's a link to Mojo's description of the new Dylan album. Sounds great... if you can believe it, and if you like Dylan, because obviously if you don't, it sounds much like everything else.

And in even more exciting news, here are some more cover ideas for the proposed re-release of the Barney Thomson series. There are now two suggestions for Book 3, A Prayer For Barney Thomson. I like them both, so will use the second cover shown here - the bloody hand - for Book 2. The first cover is more or less the same as before, except for one unauthorised celebrity addition. The new cover for Book 7 is great, except the eye will have to be much more Satanic and evil. The covers for the other books are only slight adaptations of what has been shown before, so haven't been included here.