New Titles Announced For 2008

Added on 09 October 2007
There will be two exciting new titles from Long Midnight Publishing in 2008, including the end of the Barney Thomson series, and the release of a tense political thriller.

Lost in Juarez, due for publication in August, finds bestselling children's author Lake Weston, fighting his Bob Dylan addiction and fighting the government after he writes a controversial Animal Farm-esque diatribe, accusing Westminster of attempting to establish a police state, under the guise of protecting democracy. As the security services close in, Weston must run for his life, knowing that he can trust no one.

The Final Cut, the seventh and last Barney Thomson novel, was previously published in Germany under the title Der Herr der Klinge. After two outings in the town of Millport on the Isle of Cumbrae, Barney takes a job in London, as he goes in search of an explanation to the bizarre series of events that life has thrown at him, since the day in a small barber shop on a rainy day in Glasgow ten years earlier, when he accidentally brutally murdered his boss with a pair of scissors.