Not Working Prevents Work Getting Done, Study Finds

Added on 19 March 2008
Just saw a headline on Yahoo which reads: Working women cry more on job than men, study finds.

Someone did a study on that.

Next week, Men Talk About Sports More Than Women, Study Finds, followed by Young Children Can't Drive Because Their Feet Don't Reach The Pedals, Study Finds. People do the strangest things once they get research grants.

I've not been blogging in the way that I imagined I would have been. However, this is a positive, as I've instead been writing Lost in Juarez. Which makes more sense. Almost finished, although just as the end is in sight, I'm about to take a break of three and a half weeks.

Had a moment last week - maybe a forty-eight hour moment - when I was stuck for an ending. It wasn't writer's block as such, I don't think. Just wasn't sure how to finish the book. I wondered if any inspiration might be gained from listening to more Dylan, so upped the daily dosage from six hours to fifteen. The family were upset. I was asked to go and spend the weekend in the shed with my iPod.

I emerged on Sunday afternoon with the required ending worked out, not a zombie, car chase or explosion in sight. (Apart from the car chase and explosion which are already featured.) I have a lot of rewriting to do, once I finish the first draft, however rewrites always seem easier than getting the initial thing down.

Still, the end - the details of which I am at least now confident - will have to wait until after we have travelled around New Zealand for three weeks, looking at mountains and mud pools, whales and geysers and trying to get the kids to look up from their Nintendos long enough to pay attention to the scenery.

Kids More Interested In Computer Games Than Glaciers, Study Finds.