Reading from THE ART OF DYING

Added on 03 January 2020

At Noireland crime fiction festival last year, they asked authors to make a short clip of themselves reading from one of their novels. I chose the opening to The Art Of Dying, DI Westphall Book 3. It was all arranged through Mulholland, my publisher, and I thought maybe Mulholland would do something with the clip round about the time the book was published in August. They didn’t. This may have been a right-hand-not-knowing-what-the-left-was-doing type of situation; or it may have been because they actually watched it first.

I wasn’t in the room when it was shown in Belfast, so I don’t know if the fifteen people who were present were awed or not.

Anyway here it is. Try to remain calm.

If you want to hear it performed by a professional, the audio book, read by Angus King, is available here.