Ten Turin Brakes Songs For A Sunny Day

Added on 23 April 2011

Being a cold-loving Scotsman, personally I can't stand sunny days, but there are some things to make them palatable. Cricket, ice cream and, in no particular order, ten great Turin Brakes songs:

1. Feeling Oblivion: First song on their first album The Optimist. "Cub Scouts are screaming and needing ice creaming and oh the pleasures of June..." Pretty damned perfect.

2. Never Stops: From last year's Outbursts. They used the backing for this last week while showing the marathon course on BBC1, which seemed a bit sad. It's better than that. Much better.

3. Up Above The Clouds: there is always a blue sky... JackInABox

4. State of Things: Blindfold me, tie me up or tie me down The Optimist

5. Byepod: In this time of absolutes, when everything has to be the most this or the worst that or the best the next thing... This is the most beautiful and melancholic song, ever. Dark on Fire

6. Time Machine: This is second. Bottled At Source

7. They Can't Buy The Sunshine: They burned our churches to the ground. That probably makes sense. JackInABox

8. Sea Change  Outbursts

9. The Optimist: I've spent many an evening whiling away the hours playing this song on the guitar. Perhaps everyone else in the family is now fed up with it...

10. Forever  JackInABox