The Blissful First Day of School

Added on 05 January 2009

The blissful first day of school. -10 degrees outside, quiet as that house on the night before Christmas inside. There's a natural rhythm to the school year. School runs for a couple of months, the kids get fed up with it, the parents get fed up with the morning rush, the frantic battle against time to get everyone out the door with everything they need in their bags, and eventually when the holiday comes around everyone is ready for it. And then, with wonderful inevitability, The Parent is most definitely ready for school to go back three weeks later. Or nineteen days later, as is the case this time, although it seems a very, very long nineteen days. Nineteen days mired in Christmas Holiday Hell.

My Blogging Period is over, although blogs will hopefully continue to appear - more or less daily - in shorter form. Need to get on with Barney Thomson business. Much to achieve before the summer. The plan for this week:

Finish first run-through of The Final Cut

Start to re-read The King Was In His Counting House

Make first moves to try to fix up distribution partner in Canada

Launch hostile takeover bid for

Shouldn't be too much trouble...