The Bob Thing

Added on 04 January 2008
Schools are back, holiday over, back to work.

In the pre-Christmas period I did a fair amount of faffing (phaphing) about. Publication of Lost in Juarez was well into the following year, so there felt no need to panic.

Now, well publication is in eight months time, and I've barely got a tenth of the book written. Holy crap. This is definitely the time to panic. Or, well, perhaps not panic, but time to sit down and bloody well get on with it. So, school went back yesterday, and in the last two days I wrote about a third of the amount that I wrote in the six weeks before the holiday. Time to crack on. I know where I'm going, I have various devices and characters and set pieces to take me along, I just need to get on with it. No more hanging out with large groups of international women drinking vodka at ten a.m. No more shopping for ethnic rugs. No more watching day time soap operas on Brazilian tele.

It's an odd thing, blogging about writing a novel. Not entirely sure why I decided to do it in the first place, and I think I've got more idea of what I'm going to write in the book that I do in the blog. Which is a positive.

So today I wrote just over 2100 words. Now there's news... I also received two more Bob Dylan cds, which is relevant to the case given the main character's addiction. Today, World Gone Wrong and Love & Theft. I received Good As I Been To You last week. In terms of studio albums, I'm now complete on Bob, except most of the 80's. I'm not in a rush.

I don't feel I'm making the most of the Bob thing in terms of the novel yet,  but maybe I just need to raise my Bob-listening from four hours a day to eight or nine. That should excite the rest of the family. The Bob thing feels like something I can take care of later. I like the Bob thing, though, so I'll stick with it.

Have noticed that a couple of people have ordered Lost in Juarez on Amazon, so I'd better write it now...