The Final Cut Continues

Added on 14 January 2009

Work on The Final Cut continues. At the moment the manuscript is in that bit of a mess stage. It doesn’t all tie up. As you go through and make changes and rewrite scenes and characters, you don’t automatically go back over the the whole and get it to tie up there and then, in line with every change you make. And as you work, it tends to get worse before it gets better. So, at the moment, it’s very messy. If I get knocked down by a bus later today and someone came along to finish the book - I’d be looking for it be Sebastian Faulks, Salman Rushdie or Katie Price - it might not be entirely clear where I was going with it. Partially this is due to the refurbishment process, partly due to the fact that I haven’t completely decided where it’s going either. Nevertheless, the current target is to get it in reasonable working order by the end of the month. Thereafter the easier and more enjoyable task of slimming it down, making it faster paced and a bit edgier.

Meanwhile looking to get books 2 - 6 in the series in order to reprint later in the year, to tie in with the new edition of The Long Midnight of Barney Thomson, upon the release of The Final Cut. Trouble is, I don’t have The Cutting Edge of Barney Thomson and A Prayer For Barney Thomson on disk. The PC they were written on is long gone, and I didn't keep a copy, never thinking that I'd need it. I wrote to the printers yesterday asking if they had a workable copy of the files. They came back to say that they’d never heard of them. That gave me a warm fuzzy glow about my place in the pantheon of international publishing conglomerates.

Meanwhile The Solomon Grundys go into the recording studio in mid-February. We’ve had to turn down the invitation to appear at Obama’s Inauguration Ball this weekend, even though they said they would get Dylan and U2 to support us. Just have too many other commitments.