The Final Cut Delayed

Added on 06 September 2008
Long Midnight Publishing, the company behind the cult Barney Thomson novels, has announced that publication of the final book in the seven part series will be delayed until summer 2009. The seventh and last novel in the series, The Final Cut - partially based on the Barney Thomson novel Der Herr der Klinge, previously only published in German - was originally scheduled for release in November of this year.

Long Midnight Publishing have denied reports that the book has been pushed back entirely for commercial reasons, along the lines of Warner Bros.' recent announcement of delays in the release of the motion picture event Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince.

While the delay is likely to lead to an increase in the fever-pitch of anticipation surrounding the novel, a statement released from LMP's Inverness headquarters claimed that there was no commercial reasoning behind the delay. "It's entirely because the author hasn't started writing it yet," said an unnamed spokesperson.

Douglas Lindsay was unavailable for comment.