The Final Cut Update

Added on 01 November 2009

The Financial Times has reported that sales of The Final Cut for October are the highest for a single month of any of the company's titles since Long Midnight Publishing was created in 2001.

In searching for an explanation for this upsurge, perhaps one need look no further than these recent reports stating that some Anglican clergy have expressed an interest in rejoining the Roman Catholic church. This seemingly far-fetched and out-of-left-field notion is one that of course underscores the central plot-line of The Final Cut. So does this make The Final Cut a work of prescient genius, or had Douglas Lindsay been granted the kind of inside information of which Dan Brown can only dream?

Lindsay has refused to comment, but rumours continue to circulate that his in-depth research for the novel included spending two weeks at the Pope’s private cattle ranch in Texas.

Meanwhile, you can read this non-evangelical review of The Final Cut from on-line review site, Booklore. "Douglas Lindsay once again delivers a hugely entertaining tale in his incomparable darkly humorous style..."