The Last Judgement

Added on 02 January 2009

Michelangelo's Final Judgement. Have been examining it to see which part I might use for the cover of The Final Cut, as it'd be a bit messy or unclear to use the whole thing. This is premature, as it'll be a while before I get around to the commissioning process, but it's easy work for these Dark Days while the school holidays continue. (Yesterday I took down the Christmas tree and all other vestiges of festive cheer, but it didn't make the school start any earlier.)


If you start at the candlestick on the right, then head up a couple of layers in a straight line, just a little to the right there's a guy sitting with his head in his hand. There are a couple of demons wrapped around him, dragging him down to the pits of Hell. I like this guy. While a lot of the poor souls being damned to Hell in the painting have a look of terror or despairing gloom, this guy has more of an, 'Aw crap, I knew I shouldn't have done all that fornicating...' look about him.


Barney Thomson hasn't done much fornicating, but should he ever be damned to Hell, I think he'd have that resigned, aw crap attitude, rather than one of fear or despairing eternal torment.