The Night Santa Got The Blues

Added on 06 December 2011

Every December I remember to dust off my Christmas story - THE NIGHT SANTA GOT THE BLUES - and put it up on this site, a piece of seasonal magic for the many millions of visitors. Every year when I do this I think, I really must be a bit more proactive with this, start looking at it earlier in the year, get some illustrations done, and perhaps publish it. At the very least, I've thought the last couple of years, I should get it on Kindle.

Now here we are, December is once again casting the planet down into the consumerist abyss, and once again I've only just remembered about it. So, no illustrations again this year.

Here it is. THE NIGHT SANTA GOT THE BLUES. Well, not on this page, but you know, click on the image.

I've amused myself by naming the two main executives of the evil multinational Christmas company, Henry F Potter and Hans Gruber. There's also a Jeffrey D Sheldrake, if anyone knows the reference. One of my favourite films.