The Pappa Ron Pizza Book Blurb Reveal

Added on 21 August 2017

As the soon-to-be former President would say, “I’ve had many questions about the new Pereira & Bain books. So many questions, many questions. The best questions. I know many people, the best people, and they ask the best questions.” Which all roughly translates as, I don’t know anyone, and no one has asked me anything about Pereira and Bain.

Now, in response to this overwhelming clamour of demand for more information on my forthcoming Glasgow-based crime series,, in association with Bastei Luebbe and Pershing Automatic, (No one will ever know your shirt has been blood-stained!TM ,) is pleased to bring you the Pappa Ron Pizza Book Blurb Reveal, for a first taste of the Pereira & Bain universe.

Read the blurb, click on the images to share in the magic, and start getting excited about November.


COLD CUTS                                                                                                

Revenge is a dish best served... sliced.

The new cold meat option in the sandwich shop isn't chicken, and it isn't pork. It's Kevin Moyes, missing for two weeks, now presumed dead.

The Serious Crime Unit are notified, and the hunt for the macabre butcher takes detectives Aliya Pereira and Marc Bain to the meat-processing factory where the human flesh entered the food chain. They are followed by a media frenzy, with Pereira's boss demanding immediate results. But while the factory is clean and no one is talking, some of the players have gone missing, people are still dying, and the butcher's work is not yet done.

COLD CUTS introduces DI Pereira and DS Bain, Glasgow detectives on the trail of a killer, through a sordid underworld of deceit, vengeance and murder.

Tartan Noir never tasted so delicious.


When a long-suppressed lust for vengeance meets £130 million, death will follow.

The Necropolis, Glasgow. A man’s body, in the shadow of the city’s ancient cathedral, sits propped against a gravestone. Held upright by a length of rope around his neck, blood weeping from his eyes, killed by a small metal cross hammered into his skull, the blossom of the Judas Tree in his hands.

THE JUDAS FLOWER is the second book in a gripping and realistic new crime series featuring DI Aliya Pereira  and DS Marc Bain. Set in a grim, rain-soaked Glasgow, Pereira & Bain find themselves mired in a toxic mix of money, religion and revenge, as they begin the search for the killer of Archie Wilson, recent lottery winner, keeper of secrets, and now, ritualistic murder victim.

Blurb critics might note that another way to write the words “a grim, rain-soaked Glasgow” is, “Glasgow.”