The Resurrection of Harry Potter

Added on 18 March 2012

This week's THIS BLASTED LIFE has been available for a couple of days now, but at the time it was posted I was in a car, and I've not really had the chance to sit at a computer since then, since I've been in long meetings with Blasted Heath supremos Al Guthrie and Kyle McRae. We've been planning world domination.

Well, that meeting lasted about 10 minutes. Then I did other stuff. This week's This Blasted Life is about Harry Potter. Here's an excerpt:

City analysts forecast that within the first year of an announcement of the next series, over £500billion would be invested in the British economy. By the time the seventh book is released Britain will have become the richest and most buoyant economy on earth, worth more than the USA and China combined, and rich enough to build its own Death Star, with which the Conservatives will be able to have dominion over the entire Galaxy.