The Twitter Identity

Added on 04 October 2010

Long Midnight Publishing, in association with Long Midnight Publishing Enterprises Inc., is pleased to announce that fans of international bestselling crime author Douglas Lindsay - the writer who as recently as last week scaled the heady heights of the prestigious Amazon Books/Society, Politics, Philosophy/Social Sciences/Law & Disorder/Issues/Serial Killers chart - will now be able to follow the author on Twitter.

Making the announcement to a packed press conference at the publishing conglomerate's palatial new headquarters overlooking San Francisco Bay, Elvis Shackleton, Head of LMP Marketing and New Technologies, was delighted that Lindsay had taken the plunge and had decided to join the 21st century.

"It's only recently that Douglas stopped writing with a quill pen," said Shackleton. "That he has now so quickly chosen to embrace the world of Twitter is incredibly exciting, not just for us, but for all those working in the publishing industry and, well, pretty much everyone on the planet."

Asked whether Lindsay, as a New Technology Troglodyte, truly understood the concept and workings of Twitter, Shackleton answered with a politician's evasive panache. "We are all one egg," he said, before moving the conversation on to the possibilities presented by Lindsay's sudden switch to the Dark Side. 

When pushed on what kinds of things Lindsay would be liable to contribute to Twitter, Shackleton sounded confident that the author's legion of followers would not be disappointed. "If you look at the sort of inane rubbish that's posted on there at the moment," he said, before heading off to lunch with several Hollywood film executives, keen to put the story of Lindsay's conversion to social networking into movie development, "I'm sure Douglas will manage to live up to the current standard."

Click on the link below to follow Douglas Lindsay on Twitter. 

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