This Blasted Life #4

Added on 01 December 2011

Today sees the release of the Blasted Heath digital edition of THE BARBER SURGEON'S HAIRSHIRT. The paperback has obviously been around for a while, and there's been a previous digital edition, but now it's been edited by Scottish crime fiction supremo Al Guthrie, and although he didn't make any significant changes to it, his very presence near the manuscript lends it that sheen of shiny, macabre quality. And it's got a really cool new cover.

Today's edition of This Blasted Life over at is devoted to THE BARBER SURGEON'S HAIRSHIRT.

In THE BARBER SURGEON’S HAIRSHIRT, renegade barbershop legend Barney Thomson is hiding in a monastery in the far north of Scotland, while the police follow his trail, finally catching up with him as the monastery is entombed by a blizzard. In the first book, Barney is followed around by grey, miserable weather. The second book is a tale set in snow and ice and cold. Obviously, as a skilled writer of high concept literature, I use weather as a metaphor. One day someone will study these books and decide what it is that the metaphorical weather represents.

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Or you can listen to the podcast here, and watch the book trailer. Best of all, read the book. Or, if you've already read it, read it again. Unless you're the guy who gave the paperback a 1* review on Amazon, in which case you probably don't want to read it again. You can just fuck off.

This Blasted Life by Douglas Lindsay - Episode 4 by blastedheath

THE BARBER SURGEON\'S HAIRSHIRT by Douglas Lindsay from Blasted Heath on Vimeo.