When Haircuts Go Bad

Added on 23 September 2010

This morning I went for a haircut. A new lad, not very well versed in the arts of hirsutology. I don't recall asking for an uneven at the side and front, bit of a bloodbath at the back, but that's what I got. My research into Barbershops of Great Britain continues. Meanwhile I'll be wearing a suitable hat.

Almost done with getting The Last Fish Supper up on Amazon Kindle. ETA, some point over the weekend.

For most of these books, this is the first time that I've looked at them since I finished work, prior to publication. [The only exception to this was that, while living in Serbia I did a few readings in libraries and what not, garnering much bigger crowds than I would have done had I been reading on the same evening in Scotland. This more or less ended with a long night in Kraljevo, when I made the mistake of reading the somewhat irreverent Last Fish Supper exorcism scene - ‘Cry freedom! dear Christ, and unleash the dogs of waste water!’ - to a crowd that included a Serbian Orthodox priest sitting in the front row. It may have been edge-of-your-pants subversive art of some description, but strangely I was never asked to publicly show my face in Serbia again.]

So, that aside, it's been a while since I've had a look at the books, and one reads them again in some sort of fear that a few years on they're going to be complete rubbish. Fortunately - although I can't speak for anyone else who reads one of my books a few years later - this hasn't happened yet. The Last Fish Supper was supposed to have goofy, Ealing Comedy vibe about it, a dark undercurrent, as if something nasty might be about to happen, when in fact nothing does, and it all plays out in a slightly strange, eccentric and mild-mannered way. It still, more or less, meets the mark as intended; it remains "a superbly comic Grail spoof, that makes The Da Vinci Code look like a novel..."

The ebook coming your way very soon.