World Celebrates Publication of THE JUDAS FLOWER

Added on 12 December 2017

There were celebrations around the world this morning with the release of Douglas Lindsay’s new novel, THE JUDAS FLOWER. With 2017 due to go down in the history books as ‘like 1938 but stupider’, people everywhere have been searching for something to cheer about. Now, at last, as moronic super-rich dictators bring the world to the precipice of apocalypse, crowds have taken to the streets to celebrate the arrival of Pereira & Bain, Book 2.

“It’s like the release of Harry Potter 7 multiplied by Tulpenwoede,” said Dr Ian Shackleton of the Glasgow Institute of Special Things. “For too long has misery, strife and oppression gripped the land, and don’t imagine that it can’t get worse. WWII was bad. WWIII will be like The Day After Tomorrow directed by Quentin Tarantino. With the release of The Judas Flower we can at least, if only for a few hours, escape the evil hand of Mordor.”

Economists provisionally estimate that sales of Pereira & Bain books will add £3.7trillion to the economy in the next six months alone, around one twenty-seventh of the money the UK is due to lose because of Brexit.

Dr Shackleton was in reflective mood, as he spoke from his office on the 93rd floor of the Burj Moronica in Glasgow’s exclusive Latin quarter. "Once in a lifetime a great series of novels emerges, one that changes our perception of what literature means and, perhaps, even our perception of humanity," he said, as he gazed over the snowy peaks of the mountains north of the city. "And while we wait for that to come along, people might as well read Pereira & Bain."

The Judas Flower. Click on the image to share in the magic.