World Gasps at Extraordinary New Barney Thomson Cover Scheme

Added on 26 October 2012

The Barney Thomson series, widely recognised as the world's premier collection of barbershop death junky novels, has an all-new, $1.75million digital cover scheme, bringing it into line with the latest in avant garde, front-of-book, publishing techniques.


While renegade Barney Thomson author, Douglas Lindsay, remains unavailable for comment, there have been plenty of publishing insiders only too willing to praise the new look.

'This is extraordinary,' said Professor Malcolm Connery of Glasgow's own Berkeley University of Book Design and Quantum Mathematics. 'It is nothing short of astonishing that this series of books has not already established itself as the most successful crime fiction series ever. All that's about to change. Frankly, this is an even more important development in the history of publishing than the fact that the world is about to end in December.'

Barney Thomson is 57.