Added on 30 June 2008
As part of my extensive advertising budget, I spent a few hours at the weekend putting together a 35 second promo clip to put on YouTube. I may not have an advertising budget of a Harry Potter book, but I have a Mac and some sound effects...

Click here to follow the YouTube link.

I have the comments and corrections back from my two copy editors, time to get the book wrapped up and off to the printers. I'll probably give myself another ten days or so to do that, but time is getting short. (As much as ten days, as there are only two and a half days of school this week, as well as One of Two's birthday, so not much working time for me, and this final stage just isn't something to be rushed, because that way lies errors...) I also need to be able to format it properly in a pdf file as well, something I've not done before. Saves on typesetting, but always the risk that my general complete rubbishness at anything remotely technical takes over.

So I need to get the corrections done and the file off to the printer in plenty of time to hoist the white flag and call in the Emergency Typesetter if it all goes wrong. Maybe there's a typesetter superhero type person, who flies in through your window in a blue cape and red underpants, when you're in a formatting emergency. Typoman or The Incredible Mr Tippex.

Probably not though.