5 Reasons Why It's OK Not To Care About Climate Change

Added on 12 January 2012

It's not really OK to not care about climate change, but is there any point?

The climate of Planet Earth is changing, which might be as a result of stuff that the human race does or it might not. Some people have strong beliefs about this, but the most divergent opinions are likely to come from people who are either trying to sell you oil or wind turbines. Or who live on an island in the Indian Ocean that's six inches above sea level.

This week's This Blasted Life tackles the subject head on.

McGonigall nods sagely and takes a sip from his fifth decaf triple skinny mochaccino of the morning. ‘Governments and big business don’t want to know. The media don’t want to know, because the people don’t want to know either. We don’t want to give up our junk food and flights to Hong Kong and shit. We’re all riding in the same car, and that car is a gas-guzzling SUV on a hedonistic trip into the abyss.’