And So The Slaughter Commences

Added on 23 June 2010

And so the slaughter commences

The cull of the inadequate and the desperate

The unlucky, the miserable, the dispossessed


With the joyous panache

Of A Parisian waiter

Their passing will not be mourned

And Henry's Cheating Hand

Was for nothing

South Africa

The vuvuzelas must sound for others now

Although they have been all tournament

So that shouldn't be a problem


More than the rest

Will lament what might have been

As they stand by the baobab

Waiting for the bush taxi

To take them home.

And Greece

Your economy is fucked,

And now you're out the World Cup

No Elysian Fields

For you, dear friends

You will lie in unmarked graves

In football's Forgotten Mausoleum