Lo and Behold

Added on 24 June 2010

On the fields of dreams

The cull continues

Although it seems

That some of the dross slipped through.





That was the headline

In the Sun

When the draw was made

Hubris unbound

Before a game had been played

But you shouldn't count your chickens before...

You've secured a dodgy

One-nil win against the 

Smallest nation

In World Cup Finals history

But now they will spin it

Like they think they can win it

And the flags will fly

And the banners will cry

And someone, somewhere

Will not be able to stop themselves saying

"Don't mention the war."

Oh. It was me.





(In preparation for the end of the World Cup, when the Urban World Cup Batcave Death Poet, will become the Urban Batcave Death Poet, today as a bonus he also brings you non-World Cup poetry.)

The Budget

Despite attempts to fudge it

They say that the budget

Will cost families £400 a year

That's £7.62 a week

If I'd known that was all it would cost

To get rid of Gordon Brown

I would have paid it years ago.

Boom boom.