As The Nation Falls Beneath The Shadow Of The Giant Steel Beasts

Added on 02 March 2012

The latest This Blasted Life is out, and once again I've handed it over to our own crack investigative journalist, Elvis Shackleton.

It seems that wherever you go these days in Scotland you are guaranteed to come across a wind farm. And, more than likely, not a wind farm away in the distance on the side of a shady hill, but right in front of you, blocking your view so that you can't even see the hill in the first place.

The wind farm contagion is splitting the country down the middle, pitting turbine supporters who want to back the green movement by covering the countryside in concrete and steel against those who are committed to fighting the malevolent, ugly harbingers of the apocalypse.

To join the debate, and read this week's THIS BLASTED LIFE, follow the image below, (which shows American businessman Donald Trump without his traditional hairpiece.)